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Influencer Marketing Training

Our Influencer Marketing Training will teach your brand the strategies we use daily to implement our programs for some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest brands.

Most brands miss the critical steps needed to make a campaign successful, but our Influencer Marketing Training will teach you how we plan our programs to maximise your results.

With so many options including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Blogs, Vlogs, TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc., it is difficult to know which one is right for your objective or audience. We’ll teach you how to plan the best channels and formats, and find the right influencers to run a successful influencer marketing program to maximize your results.

Brands that have benefited from our training

What to expect

Customised Workshop

A customised workshop tailored specifically to your needs and category, including case studies.s.

Influencer Strategy

Best-practice principles to plan and manage your program and how to measure and maximise ROI.

Key Trends

A breakdown of the current tactics and latest trends that your brand should be taking advantage of.

Influencer Types 
& Recruitment

How to identify the right talent, screen for fake followers and verify engagement, and learn how to approach creators effectively.

Disclosure & 
Influencer Contracts

Essential tactics for effectively managing disclosure and navigating influencer contracts, addressing common pitfalls that can derail your program’s success.

Customised Templates

We’ll provide you with customized templates and key tools we use daily to ensure our programs succeed.

Who is our professional training best-suited to?

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Marketing Professionals

Whether you’re currently engaged in influencer activities or considering taking the leap, our program equips you with the tools and knowledge to elevate your approach. Learn to craft a strategic framework for planning, executing, and measuring the success of your programs.

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Brand Teams

Your team is engaged in influencer programs but strives for greater effectiveness and maximized return on investment. Let us guide you in implementing your campaigns more effectively to achieve your desired outcomes.

Browse our frequently asked questions

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the process of working with online influencers & creators to raise brand awareness, communicate a message, and market one or multiple products/services to their audiences.

What should I look for in an influencer?

Influencers who are aligned with your brand image and brand values, who create high quality content, have good engagement rates above 2%, and are experienced in creating content in different formats.

How many followers does someone need to be called an Influencer?

There are multiple types of influencer tiers: nano (2000>5000), micro (5000>20,000), medium (20,000>80,000), macro (100,000+) and mega (500,000) and depending on what platform you use, this will vary.

What KPIs can I track through influencer Marketing?

An Influencer Marketing campaign’s success depends on the campaign goal, but important KPI’s include  reach, engagement, views, comment sentiment and conversions through trackable URL’s.

How do I know if an influencer's followers are real or bought?

There are several red flags to spot fake followers, including an unusual or inconsistent spike in follower count, an extremely high follower count but extremely low engagement, and irrelevant comments or engagements on posts by accounts with no profile picture or videos.

Who owns the sponsored content that influencers create for a Brand?

The influencers own the content. If the brand would like to use the content for amplification or post the content across other branded channels, this would need to be disclosed to the influencer, and additional fees may apply.

Work With Us

Work With Us

Ready to unleash your brand’s potential and make an impact with Influencer Marketing? If you’re in…brief us in!

Ready to unleash your brand’s potential and make an impact with Influencer Marketing? If you’re in…brief us in!