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Hoozu, with over 11 years of specialised expertise, leads the creator economy by crafting and executing highly successful programs that drive impactful results.

We translate your brand’s vision into an effective influencer program that drives impact, connection, and real results with end-to-end campaign management.

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Influencer Programs

We translate your brand vision into an effective influencer program by working with trusted and credible faces to engage your audience.


We take care of every step of the journey, from ideation, planning and strategy, to developing content pillars and identifying talent to ensure the best possible ROI for your brand.

Influencer & Creator Quality

We analyse and identify the best talent to match the program strategy, ensuring that we always place brands in front of the right audience at the right time.

Briefing & Contracting

Develop bespoke, easily digestible briefs that inspire influencers to create outstanding content personalised to the desired category or niche. We handle all cost negotiations and contracts with complete transparency.

Program Management

We assist with content inspiration and quality control, ensuring the program is consistently optimised for the best results.

Reporting & Insights

Comprehensively track and measure results throughout campaigns and beyond to provide an in-depth understanding of how results meet key objectives. All data insights are collated into easy-to-read reports including feedback and recommendations for future activity.

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Creator Generated Content

Content to fill your funnel and work with everyday people to social-proof your brand. Turn authentic and native creator-generated content into high-performing owned assets across your socials, ads, and marketing mix.

Creator Recruitment

We provide a curated pool of diverse creators ready to collaborate with you on an ongoing basis.

Tailored Marketing Calendar

We aim to integrate content creation into your strategy seamlessly. Flexible and adaptable, we align with your schedule to enhance efficiency.

Graduation or Replacement

This dynamic approach guarantees a content pipeline that evolves with your brand.

Funnel-Filling Content Strategy

Fill your funnel with relevant, high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

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Agile Ads & 

Supercharge your influencer and creator content to target and expand your audience reach.


We take care of every step of the journey, from ideation, planning and strategy to developing content pillars and identifying talent to ensure the best possible ROI for your brand.


We edit and transform your influencer and creator content into social-first media assets.

Set Up & Optimise

We set up, plan and implement your Influencer and Creator-led campaigns. Our team of experts leverages their knowledge and strategies to fine-tune campaigns, ensuring they resonate effectively with the target audience, swiftly identify areas for improvement and implement adjustments to maximise ROI.

Reporting & Insights

We specialise in thoroughly analysing campaign ad content alongside its performance metrics to extract valuable insights vital for optimising ongoing campaign effectiveness. This comprehensive understanding forms the basis of our customised content recommendations for influencers and creators, seamlessly infusing strategic insights into their creative strategies.

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Brand Experiences and Activations

Our framework helps you create unforgettable brand experiences and craft unparalleled events that leave a lasting and memorable impact on your audience.


Develop creative concepts that resonate with your brand’s vision and captivate your target audience. What story will you tell? What emotions will you evoke?

Planning, Vendors & Logistics

Coordinate all planning details, from selecting the right vendors to managing logistics and execution.

On the day management

Ensure a seamless and impactful event by overseeing all logistics and participant engagement.

Post-event analysis

Evaluate results, gather feedback, and use insights to optimise future brand activations.

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Social Media Management

Elevate your brand’s social presence and take the guesswork out of content creation and posting. Develop consistent & engaging brand content that makes your audience want to follow and stay up to date with your brand.


Craft a tailored social media strategy that aligns with your business goals and targets the right audience effectively.

Planning & Scheduling

Organise and schedule your social media posts in advance to ensure a consistent and timely online presence.

Content editing & graphics

Enhance your social media feed with professionally edited content that aligns with your brand image & tone of voice to make your presence relevant and approachable.

Measure & success

Track and analyse your social media performance to measure success and optimise future strategies for better engagement.

Areas of Expertise

Food, drink, and travel

We create engaging content and foster authentic connections to drive measurable impact and elevate your brand’s presence in the food, drink, and travel landscape.

Flight Centre
Jimmy Brings

Entertainment, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion

With a keen eye for trends and a focus on authenticity, we drive impactful engagement and enhance brand presence for entertainment, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion brands.

Tommee Tippee

Home, DIY, and cars

We deliver compelling influencer strategies to amplify brands in vibrant sectors including home, DIY and cars.

Supercheap Auto
Bunnings Warehouse

Sound like a good fit? Get in touch.
Sound like a good fit? Get in touch.