Netflix – Fear Street

Hoozu partnered with leading global streaming and entertainment service, Netflix (Through Wavemaker), to generate awareness and promote the release of the supernatural horror-themed Fear Street ‘Thrillogy’. We worked with Influencers to produce and depict moments of surging adrenalin in a movie night setting. Our goal was to create a sense of FOMO amongst audiences if they were not watching Fear Street.  

The Strategy

Hoozu tapped into the psychological phenomenon that scary moments in movies can strengthen bonds between friends, family, and partners.  We developed a creative content strategy and utilised key TikTok and Instagram Influencers to share their unique stories and experiences of watching Fear Street. 

By using Creators to play on audience FOMO and emphasize the thrill of viewing together, Hoozu was able to create and drive conversion for Netflix, dramatically increasing the viewership of the exciting ‘thrillogy’ through word-of-mouth, reach and awareness.

10 Influencers

47 Pieces of Content

4.7M Video Views

5m+ impressions

1.5M Engagements

12.5% Engagement Rate

The performance of the content was outstanding and the team at Hoozu drove a lot of that. We were quick to jump on trends and use a diverse mix of talent to ensure we were talking to different audiences.

Netflix – Fear Street

Shivani Maharaj – National Head of Content & Partnerships

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