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New Influencer Marketing How-Tos

A new Influencer Marketing Code of Practice has been released by The Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AIMCo). 

The document is a clear, thorough set of guidelines for all stakeholders within the Influencer Marketing sector.

The Australian Influencer Marketing scene is well established and yet, until now, has lacked consistency by way of vetting, contracting, metrics and more. We spoke previously about the US FTC’s Disclosure guidelines, and now we can look to something similar here in Australia.

This new set of guidelines come as a proactive movement to regulate the industry through recommendations for all to refer to.

What You Need To Know At A Glance:

  • Advertising disclosure is required in any case of contracted engagement – this includes gifting as well as paid partnerships.
  • #ad & #sponsored or Paid Partnership functions are the only accepted disclosure options
  • Vetting talent is now highly recommended 
  • Your source for vetting should be disclosed 
  • Binding contracts between brands and influencers are highly recommended
  • Calculations and tools used for performance reporting must be disclosed

Who Wrote It?

This document is the product of lengthy discussions within AIMCo – an alliance of experts within the industry. This was a collaboration of talent agencies; digital media agencies; influencer marketing technologies and others and the outcome is well-rounded and beneficial to all stakeholders.

Who’s It For?

Covering key areas of influencer marketing strategy, such as influencer vetting and selection, disclosure (a particularly grey area until now), contracting, and reporting – these guidelines will be invaluable to influencer marketing beginners and veterans alike. It should be powerful in the avoidance of several of the biggest mistakes often made in Influencer Marketing.

What Does This Mean For The Future?

Our hopes for the industry as a whole are that gone will be the days of #spon #collab and other questionable disclosures. Gone will be the days of duped performance metrics or vague contracts. We look forward to a more united and safe sector, for all stakeholders involved.

Whilst this is just the first iteration of the AIMCo’s Code of Practice, and we look to future revisions with greater influencer input, we’re excited to see the positive and regulating impact these guidelines are going to have on our industry.

How Can You Implement This?

If you’re looking for advice on your influencer marketing strategy, and how best to implement these new guidelines, why not get your team together for Influencer Marketing Training, hosted by one of our Influencer Marketing specialists?


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