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Written by Rebecca Evans

July 12, 2018

In the wake of a number of global brands re-assessing how they spend on influencer marketing, HooZu has implemented a powerful reporting platform that tracks campaigns thoroughly in order to protect both brands and talent alike.

The platform has been applied across all HooZu influencer created activity. This software effectively tracks and analyses the fundamentals essential for reporting back on campaign success.

The platform offers detailed data and insights into the “who (advocate), what (content), when (time) and where (social channels)” of influencer driven campaigns. It also offers insight into what drives peak performance for brands using social content. The software distinguishes organic and paid media performances.

“In line with HooZu policy and client expectations, we will always make data driven decisions. This software will ensure that any content we create published by our brand advocates are totally accountable for the performance of the campaigns in question. We are excited to offer our clients such comprehensive data reporting on their influencer activity.” says Hoozu’s General manager, Justin Golledge. “We now can track engagement comprehensively. We are proud to offer every confidence to clients that their spend is generating ROI, and that their content is optimised towards their specific KPIs.”

Additional reporting added to Hoozu campaigns include;

  • Activity – The time of postings and performance
  • Total Impressions – Total amount of impressions (organic Impressions + paid media Impressions)
  • Total Reach – Total reach (organic reach base + paid media base)
  • Total Engagements – Total amount of engagements (Engagement Base + paid Engagement)
  • Organic Impressions Base – Number of impressions without media boosting
  • Organic Reach Base – Number of people reached without media boosting
  • Organic Engagement Base – Number of engagements without media boosting
  • Paid Impressions – Number of impressions from Boosting
  • Paid Reach – Number of people reached from Boosting
  • Engagement – Number of engagements from Boosting
  • Base Reach %  – Percent of followers that the content reached without Boosting
  • Base Engagement % – Percent of people who saw the content then engaged with the content
  • CPE – Cost per organic engagement
  • CPTE – Cost per total (including paid and organic) engagement
  • CPI – Cost per impression (including paid and organic)
  • CPA – Cost per acquisition (including paid and organic)
  • CPOA – Cost per organic investment
  • ROI – Total sales to total investment
  • Channel performance – performance per social channel

HooZu reporting is fully GDPR compliant and is available for all activity across all appointed brand advocate social content we execute.

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